SAMARTHA a Weekly Series on Social Work Skills

The Department of Social Work is organizing SAMARTHA a weekly series on Social Work Skills for 1 and II year BSW students from 14 December 2021 onwards

DateTopicResource Person
14-12-2021Rapport Building in Social Work  Dr Shwetha K T, Psychologist, MD, Anirvedha – A Centre for Psychological Well Being
21-12-2021Networking in Community Social Work               Mrs Niveditha Kamath, Freelance Trainer, Faculty, Ramakrishna Mission, Mangaluru
18-01-2022Field Work TechniquesMrs Abhitha S Principal, Shree Devi Institute of Social Work Ballalbagh
25-01-2022Field Work Practice & EthicsMr Renni D’Souza Director, PADI Volored, Mangalore

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